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Paperwork & Settling-In Services

Your Hassle-Free Path to a Smooth Life in Toronto

At Simple Relocate, we understand that relocating to a new city can be overwhelming, with numerous tasks to accomplish and various systems to understand. Our settling-in services are designed to simplify this process and ensure that you can focus on settling into your new life without unnecessary stress.

Some of the key elements covered in our relocation settling-in services include:

  • Government Documentation (including social security and healthcare)

  • Banking Selection and Setup

  • Insurance Assistance for Home and Car

  • Internet & Mobile Plans

  • Utilities Guidance

  • Transportation Support

  • Furniture Rental Advice

  • Professional Services Referral

  • Mortgage Assistance

  • Technical Support

At Simple Relocate, our focus is on ensuring that you receive the right guidance and support from the very beginning, saving you time and preventing unnecessary frustration. We'll help you navigate each aspect of settling into Toronto the right way, setting you up for success and a smooth transition into your new life.

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